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21st Century Hormone Advancements

The Practitioner’s Comprehensive Guide to Bioidentical Hormones through Menopause & Andropause

Course Discription

“21st Century Hormone Advancements: The Practitioner’s Comprehensive Guide to Bioidentical Hormones through Menopause & Andropause” symposium is designed to provide the most comprehensive overview of the most popular approaches to replace and restore hormones in men and women, showcasing in-depth strategies on how to optimize those hormones through low dose static replacement, hormone pellet implants, and rhythmically dosed physiologic restoration.

Attendees will also obtain up-to-date knowledge in hormone treatment strategies as they relate to PCOS, breast cancer, prostate cancer, sleep and stress issues, transgender reassignment advances, sexual dysfunction, heart disease, BPH and lower urinary tract symptoms, and infertility.

Our target audience is designed for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physician’s assistants, and other health care providers involved with the support of patient’s utilizing hormones.

Curriculum & Program Schedule

Day One : November 07

7:00AM Registration, Continental Breakfast
8:30AM Hormonal Bioidentity - Ron Rothenberg MD
9:15AM Thyroid Hormone Optimization - Barbie Barrett MD
10:15AM Women’s Hormones- Bioidentical HRT - Kris Hart FNP
11:00AM Testosterone in Women & Sexual Dysfunctions - Barbie Barrett MD
1:15PM Testosterone Optimization in Men - Ron Rothenberg MD
2:00PM Growth Hormone - Andy Jurrow MD
3:00PM Testosterone & Male Sexual Dysfunctions - Ron Rothenberg MD
4:00PM Q & A - Panel
4:30PM Adjourn for the Day

Day Two : November 08

7:00AM Continental Breakfast & Exhibitor Visit
8:30AM The Art & Science of Compounding: What to Look for in a Compounding Pharmacy - Mike Hua Pharm D
8:45AM DHEA & Cortisol – HPA Axis Dysfunction - Andy Jurrow MD
9:45AM BREAK & Exhibitor Visit
10:00AM Hormone Lab Testing & the Office Visit - Kris Hart FNP
10:45AM Nuts & Bolts of Hormone Restoration for Men & Women: A How to Guide - Ron Rothenberg MD
11:45AM LUNCH & Exhibitor Visit
1:15PM PCOS: SOS: The Importance of Hormones & Diet - Felice Gersh MD
2:15PM Hormones – Skin & Hair - Barbie Barrett MD
3:00PM BREAK & Exhibitor Visit
3:15PM Heart Health: Hormones & the Cardiovascular System - Felice Gersh MD
4:15PM Q & A - Panel
4:45PM Adjourn for the Day

Day Three : November 09

7:00AM Continental Breakfast & Exhibitor Visit
8:30AM Women, Hormones, & Cancer Treatment Bioidentical vs. Commercial - Uzzi Reiss MD
10:00AM BREAK & Exhibitor Visit
10:15AM Prostate Cancer & Testosterone – Should you Treat? - Ron Rothenberg MD
11:00AM Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) & Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) in Men - Andy Jurow MD
11:45AM LUNCH & Exhibitor Visit
1:15PM PMS & Infertility Treatment, Nutrition - Uzzi Reiss MD
2:15PM Hormone Replacement with Pellet Implants for Men & Women - Stephen Center MD
3:15PM BREAK & Exhibitor Visit
3:30PM Physiologic Hormone Restoration –What is it? (more tomorrow) - Felice Gersh MD
4:30PM Q & A - Panel
5:30PM Adjourn for the Day

Day Four : November 10

7:00AM Continental Breakfast
8:30AM The Basics of Physiologic Hormone Restoration - Rebecca Provorse ND
9:15AM Physiologic Restoration Management & Case Studies - Gretchen Jones PA-C & Rebecca Provorse N
11:00AM Physiologic Hormone Restoration & Cancer - Julie Taguchi MD
12:00PM Transgender Transformation Using Physiologic Restoration - Rebecca Provorse ND
12:45PM Q & A - Panel
1:15PM Adjourn for the Day