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of women

Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) is a prevalent problem, afflicting approximately 40% of women today.

Common symptoms associated with FSD include

  • Diminished vaginal lubrication,
  • Pain and discomfort during intercourse,
  • Decreased sense of arousal, and
  • Difficulty achieving orgasm.

We want to make the


about sexual dysfunction in women to be open and informative

At Harbor Compounding Pharmacy, we want to make the conversation about sexual dysfunction in women to be open and informative. Most women consider diminished sexual health as normal, and because they also feel discomfort and embarrassment in discussing these issues with their doctors, a majority of cases go unresolved. This means that a large percentage of women go through the entirety of their lives with a reduced quality of life as has been shown in postmenopausal women.

At Harbor Compounding Pharmacy, we have invested in ample research and laboratory testing, witnessed positive outcomes, and received testimonials from doctors and hundreds of patients regarding our sexual health products. Our goal as an innovator in the field of women’s health is not only to lead the research and development of new products, but also to educate and guide our patients and prescribers in providing customized treatment options that may not be available commercially.

We understand that everyone wants answers but sometimes we don’t know where to find them. Let us help you. Call us and speak with our expert pharmacists to find solutions that are right for you and your patients.

Oxytocin increases the


of orgasm and contentment
after sexual intercourse.

Clinical Evidence

Oxytocin administration increases the intensity of orgasm and contentment after sexual intercourseā·. Overall scores in Female Sexual Distress Scale (FSDS) improve. Most women also report a significant enhancement of their sexual lives and improvement in depression scores.

OXYTOCIN intranasal

Strengths: 8IU/spray, 16IU/spray
Dosing: 1 to 2 sprays daily, and 1 hour before sexual intercourse


Strength: 50 IU
Dosing: 1 to 2 tablets SL QD

Compounded in a


mucoadhesive formulation that improves contact with nasal mucous membranes and therefore optimizing absorption rates.


strength: 0.6mg/spray
dosing: 1 to 3 sprays QD,
2 to 8 hours before planned sexual event

Clinical Evidence

Intranasal testosterone was studied for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) and Female Orgasmic Disorder (FOD) in a Phase II clinical trial of 59 patients. Of the patients diagnosed with FOD and treated with intranasal testosterone, 40% of the treatment group reported experiencing an orgasm or sensations indicative of an orgasm. Women treated with intranasal testosterone reported more intense feelings of sexual arousal after stimulation and showed an increased genital response10. Patients treated with intranasal testosterone had significantly higher vaginal pulse amplitude (VPA) response as soon as 30 minutes following administration in FOD patients.

Treatment with testosterone
and sildenafil increased
sexual satisfaction by


relative to placebo.

sublingual troches

strength: testosterone 0.5mg +
sildenafil 15mg
dosing: 1 troche SL QD before sex

Clinical Evidence

In many women, particularly those with HSDD, the effects of testosterone alone may not be sufficient for reaching necessary levels of arousal and desire for sexual activity. Testosterone combined with sildenafil was studied for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) and Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD) in a Phase II clinical trial of approximately 120 patients. In women with relative insensitivity to sexual cues, treatment with testosterone and sildenafil increased sexual satisfaction by 22% relative to placebo.

With vaginal DHEA,
patients experience


improvement in lubrication

DHEA vaginal cream

strength: 10mg/ml
dosing: Apply 1 ml PV QD
for 14 days, then decrease dose
to 2 to 3 times a week thereafter

Clinical Evidence

DHEA’s proposed mechanism of action involves local formation of sex steroids in the peripheral tissues without significant release of estradiol or testosterone systemically. Intravaginal DHEA stimulates local formation of testosterone in the vagina, therefore inducing an increase in local nerve density

An analysis of 114 postmenopausal women with dyspareunia showed a significant decrease in the severity of sexual pain score compared to placebo. Patients treated with vaginal DHEA cream also experienced significant improvements in sexual desire scores, 68% improvement in sexual arousal, 39% improvement in lubrication, and a 75% improvement in ability to achieve orgasm.

Treatment must be


to the sexual dysfunction
diagnosis and to underlying
physical, psychological,
and relationship factors.

relationship factors


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