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Modern technology and innovative research allow you to receive prescriptions personalized to your unique needs. The "one-size-fits-all" nature of volume produced pharmaceutical drugs cannot be customized for strength or reformulated to exclude unwanted, nonessential ingredients, such as lactose or dye for those who are allergic. We work closely with your practitioner to provide you with the formulation you need, delivered directly to your home.


Our staff is committed to service and excellence, with a focus on exceeding the needs of our customers.

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We strive to blend innovative strategies with excellent customer service and we work with your insurance company too!

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Our staff excels at customer service, with you and your practitioner. You speak with a live person and get your questions answered. Our Yelp reviews are just one demonstration of our commitment to quality and service.

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Insurance Billing Specialists

Our billing specialists can help you find coverage for your compounded prescriptions. We belong to an elite network of accredited and certified compounding pharmacies, demanding stringent quality and best practice requirements, instilling confidence in our payers, physicians and patients.

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Rhythmic Hormone Experts

We are one of the nation's largest pharmacy providers of rhythmic hormone protocols for men and women designed to safely and effectively reduce risks for serious medical conditions, including heart disease and weight gain.

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Product Spotlight

A New Formulation: Scalp Solution-4

Many products on the market, especially over-the-counter products used by the consumer do not always produce the results patients are seeking. According to another physician, Dr. David Michelson comments that “this is the rst signicant recovery product that I have ever seen, and it competes strongly with hair transplantation.” Solid evidence is being seen by multiple prescribers within their patient bases.

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