Dyspareunia: Understanding Painful Sex, Vaginal Dryness, and More

Painful sex (dyspareunia) can stem from vaginal dryness and estrogen changes. Get a closer look at the causes of painful sex, dyspareunia treatments, and more.

What is Incontinence?

Have you ever asked, “Why can’t I hold my pee all of a sudden?” A laugh. A cough. A sneeze. An exciting moment. These are things that many women grow to fear or become anxious about if they suffer from urinary incontinence.

Fight PCOS, Diabetes, and Infertility with Myoinositol

Diagnosed with PCOS? Confused about symptoms and related diseases? Learn how PCOS causes other health problems and what you can do to improve hormonal balance and fertility.

Vulvodynia: A Painful Condition with Promising New Treatment Options

Vulvar pain can rob your joy as a woman. Vulvodynia may be to blame. Find out the symptoms of vulvodynia and how PEA supplements help.