Our Team Works for You

About Us

We are a full service pharmacy located in Costa Mesa, California, a coastal city in Orange County. Our specialty is personalized medication to help our patients achieve optimal health. We focus primarily on customized formulations of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, but also specialize in compounded pediatric medicines, pain therapies, custom thyroid prescriptions, veterinary formulations, and dermatological preparations.

Harbor Compounding is a PCAB certified pharmacy and a member of the BBB, proving our commitment to both quality and service. From the beginning in the early 1990's, Harbor Compounding has offered patients quality-customized medications to help rebalance hormones, achieve higher nutritional levels, detoxify, and fill the gap in quality of life medicine where conventional medicine could not.

Meet Our Team

Our people are our greatest asset – we say it often and with good reason. It is only with the determination and dedication of our people that we can serve our patients, generate long-term relationships with our practitioners, and contribute to our community.


Michael Hua has been the Pharmacist-in-Charge for Harbor Compounding since we opened our doors. He is fully devoted to patients and physicians at Harbor, providing exceptional service exemplified by his thorough and in-depth patient consultations. Michael also meets regularly with doctors and prescribers to educate and train them on different hormone modalities.



Sam is one of our compounding pharmacists but also manages all aspects of the pharmacy as it pertains to operations, personnel training and quality assurance. He ensures all compounded medications dispensed meet our standards, and leads an investigative team to improve our processes for better outcomes.

Compounding Pharmacist


Jennifer is one of our expert compounding pharmacists and manages the compounding lab. She ensures that all compounds are being compounded correctly and consistently to ensure that only the highest quality compounds are being produced.

Compounding Pharmacist


Grace is the newest addition to our team of pharmacists. She is passionate about learning how to manage hormone therapies and enjoys consulting with patients. Grace is our lead verification pharmacist and ensures patients' medications are accurate and correct.

Compounding Pharmacist


Chris has been our Business Manager since the beginning, and contributes his knowledge and expertise to ensuring all administrative and business processes in our pharmacy are working smoothly. In his spare time, Chris contributes to the Costa Mesa community by volunteering to coach high school football. His passion is to support and instill confidence in disadvantaged kids whenever he can.

Office Manager


Ky was a manager at Walgreens for ten years before transitioning to our Human Resources Manager in 2014. Ky is responsible for overseeing productivity and ensuring our pharmacy runs efficiently through expert organizational planning and development and employee engagement.

Human Resources


Telma has been our marketing director since the first day. She actively makes connections with physicians and prescribers, building relationships that help her figure out their needs. She is a problem solver and brings together Harbor and prospective physicians to produce better outcomes for their patients.

Marketing Director


Edmundo not only works in our claims processing department, but also heads the front end of our pharmacy. His unique taste for vintage jewelry, eclectic gifts, and gourmet cookbooks is well reflected in our small gift shop. He also manages our supplement collection and places special orders for patients who have unique needs.

Processing Specialist


Mai is a compounding pharmacist who enjoys challenges, has a passion for creating a customer centric pharmacy, making sure that all of our patients' needs are met quickly, consistently, and only with high quality compounds.

Compounding Pharmacist