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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you take FSA (flexible spending account) cards?

Yes we do! If you have money on your FSA card that will expire soon, we suggest ordering two to three months' supply of your medication.

2. I have a prescription for a compounded cream. What kind of base cream do you use?

We use only the best ingredients for your compounded medications. The selection of base creams varies depending on the active ingredients being incorporated, the condition, the application site, and of course, your preference.

For transdermal hormone replacement therapy, we may choose from two different, high quality creams.

1. Elements Cream is paraben-free and contains only natural ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, oleic acid, and vitamin E oil. This hormone base cream demonstrates improved absorption across the epidermis and dermis of the skin and delivers correct dosage into the systemic circulation.

2. Versabase Cream is a paraben free, hypoallergenic base If used when patients have extreme skin sensitivities or are applying creams vaginally. Versabase has proven to be well-tolerated in patients with a variety of skin allergies, and has also proven to be gentle for vaginal application, without side effects of burning or itching common to other creams.

3. What kind of dispensing devices do you use?

We only use FDA-approved medical dispensing devices for prescriptions requiring exact dosing measurements as they have proven to deliver accurate and precise doses. For creams, we can use:

1. Prefilled syringes deliver doses as small as 0.1ml (our most popular option)

2. Topiclick device deliver 0.25ml of cream per click

3. Airless pump deliver 0.5ml of cream per pump

If your prescription does not require exact dosages, we can dispense your cream or ointment in a tube or a pushup jar. Let us know your preference, and we are more than happy to accommodate your request.

4. Do you provide physician office use compounds?

Due to federal regulations, our pharmacy does not provide compounds to physicians for office use. All compounded medications can only be dispensed pursuant to a valid patient-specific prescription.

5. Can any doctor write a prescription for compounded drugs?

Only licensed doctors, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants can write a prescription. Certain naturopathic doctors have a license to prescribe, depending on the state they are located in. California, Washington, and Oregon currently allow naturopathic doctors to prescribe drugs with certain restrictions. Check with your doctor for complete details on what they are allowed to prescribe.

6. Do I need a prescription for compounded drugs?

Yes, we need a valid patient-specific prescription from a licensed healthcare practitioner in order to dispense compounded medications.

7. Do you accept insurances?

Harbor Compounding accepts all forms of insurances (with the exception of Medicaid and discount coupon cards). However, this does not mean the medication is covered as it depends on the patient's specific insurance plan. Recently, many plans have stopped covering compounded prescriptions. In these cases, we offer discounted prices for a 2 and 3 month supply of your compounded medication prescription.

8. How fast can I receive my compounded prescription?

Harbor compounding pharmacy is a household name and is recognized as the premier California Compounding Pharmacy as well as the premier Las Vegas Compounding Pharmacy for its exceptional quality and speed of delivery.

If you live in California or Nevada, you’ll likely receive it 1 to 2 business days after placing your order. For patients in other states, we offer very competitive FedEx shipping rates for 2 to 3 day shipping. Tell us how you would prefer to have your order shipped, or if your order is urgent, let us know so we can move your order to the front of the line at no extra charge.

9. Where does your courier service deliver to?

Our courier service delivers your order the next business day anywhere in California and Nevada. Even though we are located in Costa Mesa, CA, if you reside in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Fresno, or San Diego, our partnering courier service can deliver to your residence the next business day. There may be delays in shipment due to inclement weather or remote areas that are hard to reach, but these instances are rare. If there are any expected delays, you will be promptly notified.

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