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Rhythmic Hormone Replacement Therapy

Innovative Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

The end of a woman’s menstrual cycle is more than just the end of monthly periods. The significant decline in hormone production—and the years leading to it—results in medical issues and diseases. In response to the issues surrounding menopause, rhythmic hormone replacement is a viable solution that we at Harbor Compounding Pharmacy offer.

In recent years, rhythmic hormone replacement therapy (or rhythmic HRT) has gained a lot of attention from the medical community. Several different versions of rhythmic HRT that exist today are the Wiley Protocol, the Panacea Protocol, Lifelike 28, and other versions that have been custom created by various healthcare practitioners. Women are seeking a more natural, biologically- optimized approach aimed at reducing the adverse effects of menopause and aging while helping avoid the risks associated with traditional hormone replacement treatments.

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An Overview of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has long been used as a solution to illnesses that result from menopause, such as excessive weight gain and cardiovascular disease. This method has been controversial because the lab-created hormones were not similar to the natural hormones produced. This led to medical issues, such as the buildup of dangerous hormone levels.

It is in light of such issues that rhythmic HRT is now seen as a biologically-optimized alternative to the traditional method.

The Difference of Rhythmic HRT

Rhythmic hormone replacement therapy offers a new and innovative take on hormone introduction to address menopause. At Harbor Compounding Pharmacy, we have added this model to our reportoire of different hormone replacement solutions.

  • Rhythmic HRT adjusts hormone dose on a daily basis.

    We replicate women’s natural hormonal cycle that is abandoned during menopause. Hormone production of estradiol and progesterone follows a pattern, decreasing and increasing every day during each menstrual cycle with the highest estradiol levels occurring around cycle day 12 and the highest progesterone levels around cycle day 21.

    Rhythmic HRT supports this cycle to create a more youthful biologic profile to ward off diseases and issues that women encounter with menopause.

  • Rhythmic HRT creates a biologically more natural environment and outcome.

    As opposed to traditional HRT, which uses a static dosage that is adjusted rarely, rhythmic HRT replicates the natural menstrual cycle. Even a woman who has entered menopause can see a return of her periods.

The Importance of the Natural Menstrual Cycle

Reinstating the natural menstrual cycle through rhythmic HRT has advantages over traditional HRT. Here is what you can expect once your menstrual rhythm is restored:

  • It replicates the best health and wellness years.

    With the decline of hormone production and the natural cycle, aging also speeds up. Re-introducing a natural menstrual cycle brings the body back to its optimal health years. This will, in turn, slow down the natural aging process.

  • It respects and follows natural body rhythms.

    Rhythmic HRT takes into account body processes — a theory also followed by birth control pill administration. The pills use varying levels of hormones depending on a woman's cycle to control ovulation and prevent pregnancy. On the other hand, rhythmic HRT uses levels of hormones that often vary in a month to address menopause-related changes associated with the loss of the hormone rhythms.

With rhythmic HRT, the transition from menopause becomes easier and smoother.

Rhythmic HRT as an Option

At Harbor Compounding Pharmacy, we believe in what’s best for the body, and our rhythmic HRT solutions provide just that. Being a more organic approach to restoring healthy body hormones, rhythmic HRT offers numerous benefits to women. However, it isn’t an ideal choice for everyone. Before deciding on natural hormone replacement, consult a medical professional first.

Harbor Compounding Pharmacy is the nation’s leader in offering rhythmic HRT to patients and providers seeking this special form of hormone replacement. Find out if rhythmic hormone replacement therapy is right for you. For more information about rhythmic HRT, contact Harbor Compounding Pharmacy at 1-800-564-1565, or fill out our contact form.

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