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Prescriber Information

We Work with Visionaries like You to Produce Transfromational Results for our Patients

Look no further - you have found the pharmacy that will help you and your patients’ health prosper. Thousands of women and men have experienced the “Harbor Difference” - and we think that it’s time that you did as well.

We know that you are looking for effective, affordable, and quality medication alternatives - always keeping an eye out for your patients. We understand that having the privilege of taking care of your patients comes with nothing less than a high degree of trust and commitment. This is exactly why we are one of the most decorated and highly rated compounding pharmacies in the US.

We also understand that having access to the most up to date research is of utmost importance in this fast paced and ever evolving field of medicine. That is why we not only fund primary research, but also partner with non-profits specializing in woman’s health research & education to offer the most cutting edge CME education.

WHN Educational Symposiums
Accreditations, icon


Shows that our pharmacy exceeds current regulations which only recommend random testing of compounded formulations at most.

Excellent Patient Service, icon


Demonstrated by outstanding online patient reviews on and easy access to pharmacy staff, e.g. phone calls are answered within one minute.

PCAB Accreditation, icon


Shows that our pharmacy meets, and even exceeds, national quality standards for pharmacy compounding.

Focus Accreditation, icon


Assures that our pharmacy is able to bill your insurance within certain insurance networks.

Dynalabs CQI Partner, icon


Ensures that our pharmacy produces highly precise and accurate products as evidenced by third-party lab testing results.

Affordable, icon


Ensures that you will receive your medications properly and punctually via a business overnight courier service or FedEx Express shipping.

Experts, icon


Pharmacy experts in all hormones dosing protocols.

Let Us Collaborate with You!

Our physicians have grown to love and trust their experience with Harbor Compounding Pharmacy. We constantly advocate for women’s health, and team up with our physicians to spread the wonderful work that you do on their behalf.

Dr. Gowri Rocco, MD

Dr. Felice Gersh, MD

Dual Board Certifications in OBGYN and Integrative Medicine

Garrett Wdowin, NMD, ABAAHF, FAARM

Anti-Aging Specialist & Regenerative Medicine Specialist

Reviews from our Doctors

Prescription Forms

At Harbor Compounding, we have developed a variety of product catalogs and customized prescription forms to meet the unique needs of your patients. Please fill out our contact form and we will send more informational material your way.

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Harbor Chronicles

Harbor Chronicles details treatments for specific conditions with information about dosages, research results and how you might start your patients a path to a more natural solution.

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