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Vet Compounds

At Harbor Compounding Pharmacy, we take pride in offering Veterinary Compounding Services. Your pet may be a member of the family, a companion, a service animal, or even a best friend. We know medicating your pet can be challenging due to taste, dosage form, or even unavailability of a medication from the manufacturer.

Our “pet peeve” is seeing animals who don’t receive the care they deserve. Harbor Compounding can offer you a better way to medicate your pet. Custom medication compounding gives your pet the exact dose they need in a form that works best for both of you. We can provide your pet’s medication in the form of a tasty treat, a custom-flavored liquid, a flavored paste, and more.

At Harbor Compounding Pharmacy, we can:

  • Flavor medications to make them more pet-friendly
  • Combine several medications into one preparation to make for easier medication dispensing
  • Prepare the medicine in just the right size and strength
  • Compound unavailable or hard-to-find medications
  • Prepare medication in an easy to administer dosage form such as a transdermal cream or gel

Our pharmacy specialists are experts at problem solving veterinary medication. We can maximize potential for therapeutic success using a team who has received advanced training in compounding techniques, and use the finest quality chemicals and precision equipment not available in most pharmacies. We go the extra mile to provide veterinarians, clients, and their animal patients with unparalleled customer service, dosing and dispensing options, competitive pricing, and convenient ordering.

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Veterinary Compounded Preparations

  • Amlodipine oral suspension
  • Benazepril capsules
  • Budesonide capsules and oral suspension
  • Clopidogrel capsules
  • Diazepam transdermal gel
  • Fluoxetine chews
  • Methimazole oral suspension and transdermal cream
  • Metoclopramide capsules
  • Metronodiazole oral suspension
  • Mirtazapine oral suspension
  • Omeprazole capsules and oral suspension
  • Phenobarbital capsules
  • Potassium bromide oral suspension
  • Sodium bromide oral suspension
  • Tramadol oral suspension
  • Trilostane capsules and oral suspension
  • Zonisamide capsules
  • Glycolic acid lotion (multiple strengths)
  • Fluconazole 10% in Recura nail cream
  • Miconazole 10% in Recura nail cream

Pet Friendly Flavors

  • Chicken flavoring
  • Beef flavoring
  • Tuna flavoring
  • Fish flavoring
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