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Patient Information

Start Your Wellness Journey with Us

From the beginning in the early 1990's, Harbor Compounding Pharmacy has deliberately worked to help patients achieve optimal health. Our experienced compounding pharmacists work directly with you and your doctor to deliver the right solutions for your healthcare needs.

We provide a wide range of compound medications:

  • Natural Hormone Replacement Therapies (HRT)
    • Compounded Progesterone
    • Compounded Testosterone
    • Compounded Estrogen
  • Physiologic Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Compounded T3 and T4 (Thyroid)
  • Oxytocin Nasal Spray
  • Low Dose Naltrexone
  • Hair Loss Solutions
  • Chelation Therapies (EDTA and DMSA)
  • Dermatological Preparations
  • Veterinary Compounds

We would love to talk with you about any questions you might have, including compounded medications, pricing, or information about drugs in general.

Patient Services

ReadyRefill Program

We know that you lead a hectic life, and ordering your prescriptions may be at the bottom of the list. Let us remember it for you.

Enroll in our complimentary auto-refill program and never find yourself out of your medications.

Enroll in Autofill Program

Or contact one of our pharmacy staff with the prescription you would like to have auto-refilled and never worry about it again.

Natural Harmone Replacement Therapies

Personal Consultations

At Harbor Compounding Pharmacy, assuring that your therapy is working right for you is our top priority. With at least seven fully-trained pharmacists on staff every day, we also make sure that you receive personal care whether you call or visit. Our pharmacists enjoy answering your questions about your medication, dosing, side effects or if you just want to talk about other forms of treatment. At Harbor Compounding, we have peace of mind when you have peace of mind.

Personal Consultations

Expedited Shipping

All prescriptions are shipped in a weatherproof mailer, and ice packs are included during warmer months. Overnight (next business day) delivery is available to all patients in California and Nevada for a small $7.00 flat fee and expedited FedEx 2-day shipping is available to other states at very competitive prices. Special overnight services are available for an additional charge in some areas, including Saturday delivery and early morning delivery.

Please contact our shipping department with any questions and notify us with any change in your address or phone number to ensure prompt and accurate delivery of your order.

Expedited Shipping

Physician Referrals

Harbor Compounding works closely with some of the top integrative health and alternative medicine physicians in the U.S. These doctors have helped thousands of patients across the country achieve optimal health through detoxification, rebuilding immune health, nutrition, weight loss and hormone replacement.

Contact us today to find a doctor near you.

Physician Referrals
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