Dermatology & Skin Care

The Wrinkle Solution

Reliable source for all kind of wrinkle solutions either with age factor or some other problems. Harbor Compounding is the best option to get treated.

Scar Treatment

Effective Scar Treatment Options. Once you develop a scar, it becomes a permanent part of your skin. Recent advancement in Compounded scar formulations may help improve the healing process.

(RECURA) Toenail Antifungal Medication

Harbor Compounding offers high quality recura cream for toenail fungus treatment. Get in touch with us for further information.

Vitamin B12 Cream: A Natural, Non-Steroid Remedy for Childhood Eczema

Eczema affects 13 percent of children, but some treatments may not be viable for kids. Could vitamin B12 help? Find out from Harbor Compounding Pharmacy.

Scars: How They Develop, Scar Removal Treatments, and Heparin-Based Creams

Scar removal has long-been an important topic, but traditional scar reducing treatments have been limited. Could heparin-based cream help? Find out from Harbor Compounding Pharmacy.

Eczema: Say Goodbye to Messy Creams and Steroids, Say Hello to Ketotifen

Itching, redness, discomfort, inflammation-skin conditions like eczema and chronic urticaria are challenging. Could the antihistamine ketotifen offer relief? Find out from Harbor Compounding Pharmacy.

The Masks We Wear: Rosacea Triggers, Treatments, and Compounded Medications

Rosacea triggers can be hard to avoid. Find out about compounded rosacea medications available from Harbor Compounding Pharmacy.

Melasma Treatments: Exploring Beyond Hydroquinone Creams for Hyperpigmentation

Melasma treatments of the past have relied on hydroquinone creams with undesirable effects. Could new research offer a better hyperpigmentation solution? Harbor Compounding Pharmacy explains.

Treatment of psoriasis using Low Dose Naltrexone and Vitamin B12

Plaque psoriasis can be all-out debilitating. If you were prescribed psoriasis medication without improvement, consider LDN and B12 from Harbor Compounding Pharmacy.