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Scar Treatment - M

Help making a dramatic difference for patients with scarring

Reviewed by Michael Hua, Pharm D
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Surgery, accidents and infection can all result in lasting scars that may serve as painful reminders to your patients. Thankfully, recent innovations in compounded scar formulations may help improve the healing process.

PracaSil-Plus is a unique topical anhydrous silicone base that is an ideal choice for new scars, old scars, surgical scars, keloids, stretch marks (from pregnancy or growth), acne scars and any skin condition that would benefit from barrier protection.

Pracasil-Plus contains Pracaxi oil derived from the seed of the Pracaxi tree found in the Amazon rainforest. A unique ingredient with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties, Pracaxi oil is used for a variety of dermatological conditions, including skin spots, severe acne, acne scars, psoriasis and rosacea.

An 8-week randomized, controlled pilot trial has evaluated the efficacy of PracaSil-Plus as a scar therapy. The study utilized visual and instrumental evaluations.

Highlights of the study show:

  • 20% of the subjects had a reduction in scar length
  • Scar length was reduced 2.5%
  • 40% of the subjects had a reduction in color intensity
  • Scar color intensity was reduced 20%

Utilizing Clarity / Lite imaging and Replicas/Image Analysis, instrumental evaluations revealed:

  • 100% of the subjects showed improvement in scar texture/smoothness
  • Scar texture/smoothness was reduced 22.32%
  • 74.3% of the subjects showed improvement of scar pigment intensity

set of images showing improvement in scar on the head of a man



Facial Scarring

After she was severely scalded on her face and neck by hot water, this five-month-old patient was treated with Pracasil-Plus and experienced significant improvement in just eight days.

A five-month-old infant was severely scalded with a liquid on the face resulting in a major second degree burn. Following the incident, PracaSil-Plus was advised to be applied twice daily, in addition to a sterile bacitracin ointment.

Photographs were taken by the child’s caregiver over the course of treatment and given to an independent, blinded dermatologist reviewer, along with a photo of the burn before the application of Pracasil-Plus as a baseline. Using a scale of “much worse,” “worse,” “neutral,” “improved,” and “much improved” when compared to the baseline, the reviewer graded the the infant’s second degree facial burn after eight days of Pracasil-Plus treatment as “much improved.”

set of images showing improvement in facial burns of a baby

Third-Degree Burn Scarring

This patient received a third-degree burn on his back, neck and ear after being involved in an explosion. PracaSil-Plus resulted in complete healing within 21 days.

An explosion at work left this patient deaf in the right ear with only 25% hearing in the left ear, along with third-degree burns on his back, neck and ear. He used PracaSil-Plus three times a week to the affected area, and after 21 days, his back, neck and ear were completely covered with a new layer of skin. The pigmentation was rebuilt and the new skin was smooth and soft. That patient himself reported, “Because of the explosion, I thought I would have to spend the rest of my life physically scarred due to the burn … PracaSil-Plus has been a miracle cream for me. People who are left with serious burn scars because of accidents like mine can be helped with the use of PracaSil-Plus. It may take longer to heal for some, but after you see the difference it makes, it is worth the continued use.”

set of images showing improvement in Third-Degree Burn Scarring on the a man's neck, back, and ear

Open Wound Burn After Radiation

After developing an open wound from radiation therapy, this patient applied PracaSil-Plus and healed completely within 11 days.

Some life-saving treatments can have very painful side effects. For this patient, a diagnosis of cancer required radiation, but after 30 sessions of radiation, she started developing burns on the front and back of her shoulders, under her arms and on her face. The burns on her shoulders turned into open wounds and continued to worsen.

Her doctor prescribed two different commercial products that did not help with healing, and also caused additional painful burning in the area. Those products also stained her clothing. PracaSil-Plus was recommended by a pharmacist, and the patient started applying a thin layer on the affected areas twice a day. Her face healed within a few days and within 11 days, the shoulder wounds had completely healed with only a slight redness of the skin.

set of images showing improvement in Open Wound Burn After Radiation

Harbor Compounding now offers a new line of customized Advanced Cell Repair Therapies with Pracaxi Oil. Pracaxi Oil is the active ingredient found in our Scar Repair Gel, a miraculous product designed to reduce the appearance of scarring, reduce inflammation, support cellular healing, increase hydration, and enhance skin quality.

To learn more about the Advanced Cell Repair therapies available at Harbor Compounding Pharmacy, please contact: or call: 949-642-0106.

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